To promote transparency in the development and implementation of regulations and that they generate more benefits than costs with the maximum benefit to society.


To be a government agency recognized nationally and internationally, reliable and innovative, which contributes significantly to regulation improvement, making regulatory policies and performance of markets more efficient, promoting a culture of regulatory reform on behalf of the society.

About us

The Federal Commission on Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER) is an administrative body within the Mexican Federal Ministry of Economy. COFEMER was created in 2000 through amendments to the Federal Administrative Procedure Law. COFEMER’s mandate is to promote transparency in the development and implementation of regulations and that the benefits they generate outweigh its costs, maximizing the benefits to society.

Leading COFEMER is a General Director who is appointed by the President. COFEMER has 5 General Coordinators responsible of promoting regulatory reform within the various federal agencies. Additionally, COFEMER has within its structure expert groups to analyze the regulation of various sectors such as energy, telecommunications, transportation, health, environment, financial, commercial, national security.

What do we do?

COFEMER is the federal agency responsible of promoting regulatory reform policy in Mexico. To do this, COFEMER performs the following functions:

1. It reviews the national regulatory framework, diagnoses its application and develops legislative and administrative proposals. It also prepares programs to improve regulation in specific economic sectors.

2. It analyzes and rules draft regulations proposed by federal agencies to ensure that their impact in terms of social benefits outweighs its costs.

3. It administrates the Formalities and Services Federal Register, an inventory of the procedures of the federal public administration. No agency can apply additional procedures to those enrolled in the register or apply them differently to that established therein.

4. Provides technical advice on regulatory reform to states and municipalities, consisting in promoting local regulatory reform, adjusting local regulations, establishing Rapid Business Start-up Systems and Regulatory Improvement Councils.

COFEMER gives feedback on both existing regulations and those to be issued, in terms of its regulatory impact, considering the comments made by stakeholders.

The opinions issued by COFEMER are on the impact that regulations have on regulatory improvement in terms of benefits and costs that regulations impose on society.

Finally, COFEMER performance focuses on improving the regulatory impacts generated in the national economy or the substantial effects on a specific sector. COFEMER seeks that regulations really promote the efficient functioning of markets, or prevent or mitigate imminent harm or eliminate existing damage to health or the population’s welfare at the lowest possible social cost.

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